Seminole Club of Greater Orlando

Our History of Giving

The Seminole Club of Greater Orlando has done many great things to support Florida State University over the years.  Nothing has been more important among them, though, than fund raising.  We all love our school, and our time and energy has a tremendous benefit, but a school, and it’s athletic program, runs on money. Since 1978, The Seminole Club of Greater Orlando has been responsible for well over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in contributions.  Below is a list of just where the money goes, and has gone, in that time.  Some of these funds are still not fully endowed, so we invite you to consider helping us finish them.  With your continued support, we can fulfill our commitments and take on more.  We count on you, because Florida state counts on us.

  • Seminole Club of Greater Orlando Endowed Scholarship – $50,000
  • Daryl Bush Educational Enhancement Fund – $50,000
  • FSU Football Locker, in the name of Eddie Diaz – $50,000
  • SCGO Academic Scholarship – $50,000
  • Football Indoor Practice Facility – $25,000
  • Baseball Bullpen Club, Lifetime Member – $10,000
  • Florida State Alumni House – $10,000
  • Basketball Tip Off Club – $500/year
  • Silver Chief – Booster – $3,000 / year
  • Vic Prinzi Endowed Scholarship – $ 1,000
  • Betty Smothers Endowed Scholarship – $ 1,000
  • Norm Thagard Endowed Scholarship – $ 1,000
  • 1993 National Championship Endowed Scholarship – $1,000
  • FSU 50th Anniversary Endowed Scholarship – $1,000